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Top 10 Benefits Cardamom Tea

Top 10 Benefits Cardamom Tea

Ok here comes a really interesting 10 Top for you guys, and its on a spice mostly used in food, but today we are going to look at it from a tea perspective. This week we’ll be looking at the benefits of Cardamom. This is one strongly scented spice and this comes from the oils present in the spice’s seeds. This is where all the health benefits of cardamom come from. Cardamom tea is made by crushing the seeds and boiling them in water to release these oils.

Bucket loads of Vitamins & Minerals

This spice is rich in Vitamin A, B, C, riboflavin etc, which are very much essential for your body.

Digestive Aid

A lot of herbalists have used cardamom as a digestive aid for years on years, and it was also possibly used to treat worms in the intestines, flatulence, heartburn, stomach ache, and cramps.


Cardamom tea can help your body get rid of wastes. By eliminating these wastes, this will benefit your circulatory and digestive systems in addition to your kidneys and liver.


Boost Blood Circulation to the Skin

It provides your skin with that lush, glowing look. This is mainly because it boosts the blood circulation to your skin and therefore does what it does.

Congestion Relief

One of the oils Cardamom contains is Camphor and this has been used in cold rubs and ointments to relieve symptoms of a congested chest and sinuses. One hot cup of cardamom tea will release the camphor oil and help to relieve congestion.

Strengthens Weak Hair Strands

Regularly drinking cardamom tea will gradually strengthen your weak hair strands and gives you strong and healthy hair instead. This is hugely because of the anti-oxidative properties inherent in its seeds.

Fights Free Radicals:

Cardamom tea has a whole bunch of antioxidants in them which help in fighting the free radicals that cause cancer.

Relieves Headache

If you are suffering from a headache having cardamom tea will help heal your headache.

Clears Nausea

Nausea is another ailment this wonder tea can clear you from.

Reduces Risk of Hypertension

Cardamom has the ability to improve blood circulation and can therefore decrease the risk of hypertension.